The Ultimate Guide to Amex Membership Rewards


Credit Card Rewards Rates
American Express Blue Business Cash Earn 2 points per dollar on all eligible purchases up to $50,000 per year, and 1 point per dollar on everything else. 
American Express Green Card Earn 3 points per dollar on restaurants, transit, and travel, and 1 point per dollar on everything else
American Express Gold Card Earn 4 points per dollar at restaurants and on up to $25,000 spent annually at U.S. supermarkets, 3 points per dollar on flights booked directly with airlines and through Amex Travel, and 1 point per dollar on everything else, up to 1 million bonus points each year
Amex EveryDay Credit Card Earn 2 points per dollar on up to $6,000 spent annually at U.S. supermarkets and 1 point per dollar on everything else. Also, get 20% extra points when you use your card 20 or more times on purchases in a billing period
Amex Everyday Preferred Credit Card Earn 3 points per dollar on up to $6,000 spent annually at U.S. supermarkets, 2 points per dollar at U.S. gas stations, and 1 point per dollar on everything else. Also, get 50% extra points when you use your card 30 or more times on purchases in a billing period
The Platinum Card Earn 5 points per dollar on flights booked directly with airlines and through Amex Travel, and also on prepaid hotels booked through Amex Travel. All other purchases will get you 1 point per dollar
Blue Business Plus Card Earn 2 points per dollar on the first $50,000 spent annually, then 1 point per dollar after that
Business Green Rewards Card Earn 2 points per dollar on eligible purchases through Amex Travel and 1 point per dollar on everything else
American Express Business Gold Card Earn 4 points per dollar on two select categories where you spend the most every month, up to $150,000 annually in combined spend. All other purchases will get you 1 point per dollar
Business Platinum Card Earn 5 points per dollar on flights and prepaid hotels booked through Amex Travel and 1 point per dollar on everything else. Purchases of $5,000 or more will earn 50% more points

To maximize your rewards with the Membership Rewards program, take some time to consider how much you spend and in which categories. This can help you determine which card will give you the most rewards for your everyday spending without requiring you to change your shopping habits.

It may also make sense to apply for more than one card in the program. For example, the American Express Gold Card offers excellent rewards at restaurants and U.S. supermarkets, but it’s likely that most of your purchases will only give you 1 point per dollar. And, if you own a small business and have business expenses, you could pair the American Express Gold Card with the Blue Business Plus Card and use the latter for all of your purchases that don’t give you bonus rewards with the Gold Card, you can ensure that you’ll always get at least 2 points per dollar on your spending.

And remember, no matter how many Membership Rewards credit cards you have, Amex pools your points from all of them automatically, so you don’t have to worry about moving points around to make sure you have enough to redeem.

Amex Offers

All American Express credit cards are eligible for the Amex Offers program, which allows you to add certain deals with a variety of merchants—including shopping, travel, and dining—to your card.

Once you’ve added the offer to your card and made an eligible purchase, you can get either a statement credit or bonus Membership Rewards points.
Bonus points typically come in the form of additional points per dollar spent at certain merchants.

Referral Bonuses

Most American Express credit cards allow you to earn bonus points when you refer a friend to apply for the card and they get approved. For example, you may get 15,000 bonus points for each friend you refer to apply for the Blue Business Plus Card, and who gets approved, up to 55,000 points per year.

Your friend may also get bonus points when they apply through your referral link and meet certain spending requirements. However, you can only view bonus information for a specific card via Amex’s Refer a Friend page if you have that card. Also, bonuses are subject to change.  

Limited-time Offers

From time to time, American Express may send you an offer via email for the chance to earn bonus points. For example, you may get bonus points for adding authorized users to your account and having them spend a certain amount within a set period—similar to your card’s welcome offer. Some limited time offers are posted online for new applicants as well. For example, the American Express Blue Business Cash Card and the Blue Business Plus Credit Card from American Express have both offered a bonus offer of up to $300 in statement credits in the past.

How to Redeem Membership Rewards Points

One of the program’s strongest features is its flexibility with redemption options. That said, most of these redemption options will give you less than 1 cent per point in value—a figure that’s a standard minimum for many credit card rewards programs.

Redemption options include:

  • Statement credits
  • Online shopping
  • Gift cards
  • Travel
  • Merchandise
  • Transfers to other rewards programs

Statement Credits

If you want to get a statement credit for one of the charges you’ve made on your card, you can do so at a rate of 0.6 cents per point.

Online Shopping

You can use your Membership Rewards points to pay for online purchases with a number of retailers at a rate of 0.5 cents to 1 cent per point, depending on the merchant. Options include:

  • Amazon: 0.7 cents per point
  • Best Buy: 0.7 cents per point
  • Boxed: 0.7 cents per point
  • 0.7 cents per point
  • Grubhub: 0.7 cents per point
  • JustGiving: 0.7 cents per point
  • Newegg: 0.7 cents per point
  • NYC Taxi: 1 cent per point
  • PayPal: 0.7 cents per point
  • Rite Aid: 0.7 cents per point
  • Saks Fifth Avenue: 0.7 cents per point
  • Staples: 0.7 cents per point
  • Ticketmaster: 0.5 cents per point
  • Walmart: 0.7 cents per point

Gift Cards

Cardholders can redeem Membership Rewards points for gift cards good at a long list of travel, dining, and shopping retailers. Values can vary by retailer, but they typically range from 0.5 cents to 1 cent per point.


You can use your points to book travel through Amex Travel, which functions similarly to discount travel websites like Expedia and Orbitz. The value of your points can range from 0.7 cents to 1 cent apiece, depending on the type of travel you’re booking:

  • Flights and flight upgrades: 1 cent per point
  • Fine Hotels & Resorts collection bookings: 1 cent per point
  • Other prepaid hotels: 0.7 cents per point
  • Cruises: 0.7 cents per point
  • bookings: 0.7 cents per point
  • Plan vacations: 0.7 cents per point

If you have the Business Platinum Card and use your points to cover the cost of some or all of an eligible flight, you’ll get 35% of those points back, up to 500,000 points per calendar year.

In other words, if you use 100,000 points to pay for a $1,000 flight, you’ll get 35,000 points back, effectively reducing your redemption to 65,000 points. That gives you a redemption rate of 1.54 cents per point.


If you want to use your points to buy merchandise through the Membership Rewards website, you’ll typically get just 0.5 cents per point on those redemptions.

Transfers to Other Rewards Programs

American Express partners with 22 airlines and hotel chains, allowing you to transfer your points to each. Most transfers are at a 1:1 ratio, but some offer more or less than that. Here’s a breakdown of the partners and how many points or miles you’ll get when you transfer Membership Rewards points.

Transfer Partner Transfer Ratio
Aer Lingus AerClub 1:1
Air Canada Aeroplan 1:1.6
Air France / KLM Flying Blue 1:1
Alitalia MilleMiglia 1:1
ANA Mileage Club 1:1
Avianca LifeMiles 1:1
British Airways Executive Club 1:1
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles 1:1
Delta SkyMiles 1:1
El Al Israel Airlines Frequent Flyer Club 1:0.02
Emirates Skywards 1:1
Etihad Guest 1:1
Hawaiian Airlines 1:1
Iberia Plus 1:1
JetBlue TrueBlue 1:0.8
Qantas Frequent Flyer 1:1
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer 1:1
Virgin Atlantic Flying Club 1:1
Choice Privileges Rewards 1:1
Hilton Honors 1:2
Marriott Bonvoy 1:1

From time to time, Amex may offer promotions, giving you extra points or miles with a particular partner airline or hotel chain. In late 2019, for instance, you could get 30% more miles with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, so if you transferred 1,000 points, you’d get 1,300 points.

Each time you transfer points to a frequent flyer program with a U.S. airline, American Express charges an excise tax offset fee of $0.0006 per point, up to a maximum fee of $99. So if you transfer 100,000 points, the fee would be $60.

You can pay that fee out of pocket or, if you’re given the option, use your points to cover the cost at a rate of 0.5 cents per point.

Transferring your points doesn’t guarantee you’ll get more than 1 cent per point in value, but the potential is there. In particular, it’s often possible to exceed that baseline with international first- and business-class flights.

Maximizing your points this way can be time-consuming, and it requires a lot of research. Both airlines and hotel loyalty programs have dynamic pricing, which means that the value of your points or miles can vary with each redemption. So to get the most value from your rewards, you may have to compare several different itineraries to find the best one.

If you don’t have the time or desire to do all of this, Investopedia has done the research for you. We’ve found the best redemption options in the loyalty programs below:

  • Air Canada: 2.16 cents per mile
  • Air France / KLM: 1.6 cents per mile
  • Avianca Airlines: 2.16 cents per mile
  • British Airways: 2.1 cents per mile
  • Delta Air Lines: 1.6 cents per mile
  • Hawaiian Airlines: 1.23 cents per mile
  • JetBlue Airways: 1.3 cents per point
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways: 1.6 cents per mile
  • Marriott: 1.43 cents per point

If you transfer your points to one of these partners, chances are you can get more than 1 cent per point without doing too much research.

The Bottom Line on American Express Membership Rewards Points

The American Express Membership Rewards program offers a lot of flexibility, but, unfortunately, you lose some value if you don’t choose your redemptions carefully. If you want to redeem directly with Amex, you’ll get the most value when you use your points to buy gift cards with certain merchants, book flights through American Express, or book hotels in the Fine Hotels & Resorts portfolio.

If you want to maximize the value of your points, however, your best bet is to transfer them to one of Amex’s airline or hotel transfer partners. Just keep in mind that you may need to do some research to make sure you’re getting enough value to make it worth it.

If you want to go all-in on Membership Rewards, sign up for more than one of the program’s credit cards. That way, you can always make sure you get maximum value on your everyday spending.

The Membership Rewards program isn’t the only one of its kind. Chase Ultimate Rewards also offers ample flexibility and provides more value with redemptions than Amex does. Also, the Citi ThankYou Rewards program has comparable flexibility as well as similar point values to the Membership Rewards program.


What Can You Do With Amex Membership Rewards?

There are a few different options in terms of what you can do with your Amex Membership Rewards. You can receive statement credits, travel incentives, gift cards, transfers to other rewards programs, and you can use the rewards for online shopping. You can also transfer points to 22 airline and hotel brands. 

What Qualifications Do You Have to Meet to Get Amex Membership Rewards?

In order to qualify for Amex Membership Rewards, you first need to have a minimum FICO score of 670 and you can only receive one welcome offer per card per lifetime. You also have to be at least 18 years old and meet other criteria set by American Express such as credit history and income.

Are Amex Membership Rewards Worth it?

There are many different types of American Express cards with different reward options. If you’re going to use the credit card, then the rewards are worth it. You might as well collect rewards on purchases you would already be making. However, keep in mind that if you’re solely after the rewards, you may end up spending more than the actual value of the reward. 

When Can You Use Amex Rewards?

Amex Rewards points usually appear on your billing statement as pending after a purchase is made. This typically takes about 72 hours after making the purchase that earned you the reward. However, you can’t use the points until your minimum payment is received by the payment due date. After your payment is received, it usually takes between 24 and 72 hours to apply the payment to your account and release the points so you can use them freely.


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