Work from home: best 7 jobs to earn money home based

What are the jobs you can do from home that make you earn? Is it possible to make money from home online or is it a scam? Here is the whole truth

If you are looking for a work from home, it is very likely that you are wondering what the most profitable professions are and how to get started. The reasons why a person chooses to work from home online can be the most varied. From a state of unemployment to the desire to set up on their own. Moving on for those who simply intend to round off. In any case, I will explain to you what are the most requested jobs you can do at home and how you can start immediately.

Work from home just with a computer

First of all, if you want to work online, you need to have a PC and an Internet connection. A connected computer is the only tool you will be asked for. If you don’t have one, buy one as soon as possible. Or borrow it from friends or relatives who will surely be happy to help you in this new adventure.

Currently, the most profitable activities you can do from home are numerous. I have created for you a list in which I explain to you what are the jobs that can be done with the PC even as a second home-based job. You will certainly find the one that suits you.

Is working at home risky?

Compared to a few years ago, work on the Internet is much more accessible and beneficial. In fact, in the past, as soon as it was understood that the web could represent an opportunity for everyone, many phantom companies tried to take advantage of it.

Certainly you have heard of those job offers for which, to start, it was necessary to buy a first package. Among other things, at considerable prices that even reached over 100.00 euros. And there was no reassurance on the possible profits.

The same goes for the so-called Herbalife-style pyramid schemes. In this case, you turned from nothing into a seller, only to make money by recruiting other salespeople. A really stressful situation and because of which many people have lost their savings.

However, at some point the situation has clearly improved. In particular thanks to the advent of social networks. With the use of these platforms, a long series of home-earning risk free opportunities have been created.

Unemployment in Uk and Ireland is still quite high, yet many companies struggle to find workers online. In all honesty, it is rather a question of competence. If you want to work with the Internet, you should definitely update yourself.

Given this, here is the list of the best activities thanks to which you can get a work from home immediately. Let’s discover the work to do at home.

Online professions: the ranking of the safest home jobs

lavoro-da casa online-trader

1)Trading Online

Among the professions that can be done from home, that of the professional trader is certainly the most profitable. At the same time, however, it is also the most risky of those in the rankings.

Online trading is accessible to anyone. This does not mean, however, that this is a job for everyone. To become a trader, you must first acquire an in-depth knowledge of financial markets and online stock market investments. There are many, today, traders who, starting from scratch, have managed to achieve many successes. This means that it is really possible to make money online with stock market investments.

Trading online from home

Most people are led to believe that trading is not a real job. This is an absolutely wrong belief! Investing in the stock market is like setting up on your own. With all the opportunities and risks of the trade. Moreover, even a seller must find the right product and know how to do it.

Trading from home: how to start

To become a professional trader, you can start by studying. The resources you can find on the net are really numerous. I advise you to buy an EBOOK ONLINE even if you CLICK HERE you can register and download all the free Investous ebooks for stock market investments, so that you can consult the guide when, how much and how you want.

What is the best online trading site?

In case you didn’t know, to make trading online you need to go through the services of a financial broker. These are companies that operate on the web, as specific trading platforms. Among the most famous brokers, I mention the Investous website. The company has a good following and excellent reviews. Not surprisingly, he is also a sponsor of the Juventus soccer team. Once you have registered and downloaded the Investous Ebook CLICKING HERE you will be contacted by an Investous consultant who will explain the operation of the online investment platform and the course program to learn all the information needed to invest in the stock market. Investous contacts the subscribers from Rome or Milan so once registered you will receive a call from a telephone number with the prefix +44. Remember also that if you want to start the profession of trader it is important to be able to make a minimum investment. Investous requires a minimum deposit of 250£. To make money, it is important to be able to invest a minimum amount of money.

How much can you earn with trading?

As you can imagine, a precise answer to this question does not exist. You can earn a few tens of euros, as well as thousands of euros. It all depends on the type of negotiations and your skills. Don’t forget, though, that online trading also involves risks of losing money from the money invested so you always invest what you can afford.


2)Social Trading

Let’s go back to online investments, with work that has become very popular in recent years. We are talking about the social trader, or rather a figure that in effect makes the investor, taking advantage of the concept of social sharing trading. I’ll explain you better.

There are some trading platforms, such as the famous Investous broker (PSV Eindhoven soccer team partner), which dedicate an entire section of the site to social trading. In simple terms, on this platform every investor has his own profile where the results of his negotiations are indicated. Each user can decide whether to copy the transactions of another user or to allow others to copy their own. In the event of a positive outcome, the gain is guaranteed to both.

What is the advantage? Simple: if you are a beginner, you can have more chances of success by copying a professional; if you are a professional, you can increase your profits by sharing your experience with others.

If you think that on the Investous platform there are traders with 100% positive transactions, here is the gain from home is almost certain. With just one click.

Being a social trader can be a side job to the number 1 profession in this ranking. All with the sole purpose of increasing your finances. You can earn a few tens of euros, as well as thousands of euros. It all depends on the type of negotiations and your skills.



In recent years, we have witnessed a real boom in websites. Including an infinite amount of blogs. These are “places” where the content is fundamental. As you can imagine, we are mainly talking about articles. As a result, many companies and numerous freelancers have started looking for Copywriters.

Copywriter from home: who is? what he does?

Copywriter represents the most widespread home work. This figure is essentially concerned with writing content / articles, upon request. Of course, this is a person who has an excellent knowledge of the English language. However, currently, other skills are also required, such as knowledge of SEO. So, let’s talk about a profession for everyone, but that requires a minimum capacity.

Where to find job requests as a Copywriter?

Given the extent of the request for this figure, the platforms where to find work as copywriters are numerous. From agencies like Infojob and Indeed to social networks. Of course, there are also dedicated platforms. The work will consist mainly, as mentioned, in writing articles, of an average length between 400 and 1000 words.

How much does a Copywriter earn?

First of all, it is necessary to specify the difference between a novice in the sector and a professional. In the case of the professional, you can also earn 30£ per article, based on the length of the text and the topic. Basically, experience does the price, but the Copywriter is a job that can really make you independent.


4)Translations from home

Another very profitable and interesting work from home is that of the translator. For example, there are so many people, graduates and non-graduates, who know a language very well, but cannot find work. In this case, it is possible to act as translators of articles, websites, or even other types of content. Among the platforms that you can exploit, let us point out and

As a translator, you can also apply for offers that require translations from a foreign language into Italian. Even in this case, of course, you need to have some confidence with the language in question. However, the work could be slightly simpler.

For translations, in one way or another, you can take advantage of completely free web resources. Such as Google Translate or the excellent Reverso Context. Keep in mind, though, that these resources mostly perform literal translations. So you will need to review the text and choose the words that best fit the context.

Also in this case the self-taught translator must be differentiated from the professional. The latter is mostly mother tongue or an expert in a specific subject whose technical language he knows perfectly.

If you don’t want to depend on the requests on the various platforms, you can evaluate the idea of ​​creating your site. Also in this case you can do it totally free, for example with WordPress. On the site you can enter your skills and your contacts, perhaps even specifying the timing of the work and other information that you find useful. This way, those in need can find you directly.

How much does a freelance translator earn?

Also in this case the price is the experience. Based on the complexity of the text and the requested language, you can request, on average, from 1 to 10 £, every 100 words.


5)Social Media Management

Another profession born thanks to social networks. As you know, to keep up with the competition, today any company has a page on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. To tell the truth, in recent times companies have also successfully landed on Instagram. From the neighborhood dentist to the big supermarket: if you’re not social, don’t sell!

The old expensive advertising made up of flyers, radio or TV advertisements, street posters, has given way to the web. With considerable savings for companies, with greater visibility. However, it has come to create the need for companies to find a figure capable of managing corporate social pages.

Therefore, we can include the Social Media Manager among the most requested home jobs of 2019. Perhaps it is not the most profitable profession, but there is the advantage of being able to perform this type of activity quite easily and quickly.

We must not forget, however, that for this figure there are different levels, based on skills. The experienced social media manager, in fact, knows well the advertising tools offered by the various platforms. And how to create effective advertising campaigns. Furthermore, you need to be a good communicator, to attract as many users as possible.


lavoro da casa online data-entry

6)Data Entry

In the past, as today, an infinite amount of data runs within companies. From the warehouse to employee presences. Going through the lists of potential customers and much more. As a result, many companies are constantly looking for data entry figures. These figures need do nothing more than insert the requested data into specific tables or platforms.

Considering that to carry out this profession it is simply necessary a PC, not necessarily connected to the Internet, companies willingly accept data entry from home.

How much does a data entry earn?

There are two types of income for this type of work. There are companies that offer a fixed salary, part time or full time. But there are also companies that pay based on the number of entries. This second option, even if it does not guarantee you a fixed price, has the advantage of allowing you to work as much as you want and with your timing.


lavoro da casa online- blogger


Blogging essentially means creating and curating a blog. In recent years this profession seemed to have been somewhat overshadowed by the boom in social networks. But just think of the success, for example, of the italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, to understand that you can still earn with a very attractive blog.

Generally speaking, unless there are some commissioning companies behind, that of the blogger is in effect a profession.

The trick to success is to choose a topic that you have a thorough knowledge of and that, above all, you like. In this way, you will have to work a lot less to create content for your blog on a daily basis.

To open a blog, you can use one of the many resources on the web. There is a minimum investment to make if you want to try to make money quickly, or buy a domain. Networked platforms generally offer packages that include domain and web space, against a payment of a truly affordable annual fee. The figures range between 40 and 90 £ a year.

How to make money with a blog?

The main source of income for a blogger is advertising. The quickest way to make money with a blog is to sign up for Google Adsense. Depending on the topic of the site and the number of visitors, Google will assign you specific advertising banners. Every time these are clicked by a user, you can earn.

The actual gain, therefore, depends on the number of clicks and the percentage paid based on the banner. Keep in mind that advertisements in the food industry are paid much less than financial banners.

If you are well positioned on Google, it is very likely that companies will begin to contact you directly, to sell a product or simply sponsor it. In this case, you will be paid a lot more.


lavoro da casa online-call-center

Work as a call center from home

I still want to suggest a work from home, in addition to those listed. Did you know that you can work as a call center operator directly from your home? In this case, in addition to the computer, you need a telephone. Many companies provide you with one, if you work for them.

Going into the details, the figure of telephone operator from home is requested by all those companies that do e-commerce or need customer support, telephone sales, debt collection or even simple secretarial services.

It is very likely that you will need to do some training to learn about the services and / or products of the company in question. Training can often be done remotely or by sending specific educational material to the companies.

To become a telephone operator at home, you can apply to the offers you find on the web or send a spontaneous application by mail to a company you are interested in working for.

Make money online: real chance or scam?

The scams work from home, although less than in the past, are still present on the net. The trick is to recognize the potential hoax. Such as? Here are some tips.

First of all, never trust companies that ask you to pay to work! Whether it’s a registration fee, the payment of a training e-book or the famous herbalife starter kit. You are a professional and the company pays for your work. This rule applies to any type of trade, including online ones. ATTENTION: obviously in the case of the trade of the trader and the copy trader it is not the same speech as in the investments in the stock exchange if you want to earn money to use to invest but this not means these jobs are scam!

Secondly, look for as much information as possible about the person or company that is contacting you for a job.

Last important advice, communicate as much as possible by email. Keeping track of requests, the agreed price, any changes and more, will help you avoid misunderstandings and any attempts to exploit your skills!

Working from home is the dream of many people. If it’s yours, now you know what to do!


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